Raskris Grehazar

An elderly Dragonborn


Raskris is clearly an elderly dragonborn, as his once bright scals are now pale and faded with age, the gleaming gold turned dull and almost white in places. His shining silver eyes are marked with the cares of age, and he only walks now with the aid of a solid oak staff on which he leans heavily.

After a long and moderately successful adventuring career, he retired from the life of constant tasks to perform, and only few know his reasons for taking up a post so very far from his homeland. He currently lives and works within the Guild Association’s headquarters within the Maw, as a liason to new adventuring groups, for which he provides honest evaluation to his superiors.

Weather he sees greatness or despair in the Chimera Company has yet to be revealed.

Raskris Grehazar

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