Fabrication Consortium

Gobs, Kobs and Old people

In which the players met one another and saved and old couple

((Until I change my mind I think I'll just format my quest proceedings in bullet points that cover important story details))

  • The players traveled to Aevis because of it being an important pit stop between most southern lands and The Maw.
  • The players became an impromptu party and looked for work
  • They met Tuk, a friendly Half-Orc bartender who serves to monstrous humanoids and is smaller intermediary for quest payments
  • Manon learned some details about danger to Aasimar in the south from an Aasimar couple
  • The party found a suitable quest involving an old couple having trouble with "small creatures"
  • The party encountered several goblins and kobolds looking to take an old couple's home for some uncertain power they could gain

  • The party routed all the creatures and removed a fiendish power from the homestead, saving the couple
  • The party received a ring that allowed them access to a mysterious property

Nobody died!


Kayla_Belza hibbleshibble

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